YouTube: A shepherd revives a goat by mouth-to-mouth breathing and goes viral | Jamaica | Video | YT | Yutube | Photo 1 of 4 | Youtube

A shepherd has managed to bring back to life a goat that, apparently, was dead. The collars of the animals had been hooked, causing one of them to suffocate and be dragged by the others. The images are viral in Youtube. The Jamaican shepherd has become a hero in his country and on social networks around the world after he ... Read More »

TWICE will be the first K-pop girl band on YouTube Originals | K -POP

By: DIGITAL TELEVISIONAugust 20, 2019 – 16:59 The agency of TWICE, JYP ENTERTAINMENTannounced that the band will have its own content on Youtube Originals. The audiovisual product will be a docuserie in which Mine, Tzu–yu, Fury, Momo, Ji-hyo, Nayeon, Gives–hyun, Chaeyoung Y Jeongyeon they will be telling their experience on their most recent tour, TWICELIGHTS 2019; According to Touring Data, ... Read More »

YouTube viral | United States: 54-year-old woman will go to jail for throwing seven puppies in the trash | Photo 1 of 3 | U.S

One year in prison for animal abuse. A court in Los Angeles(California, United States) sentenced a 54-year-old woman to 365 in jail for throwing puppies into a dumpster in the city of Coachella Deborah Sue Culwell He pleaded guilty to seven counts of animal cruelty and seven counts of animal abandonment. Although the magistrate who attended the case sentenced her ... Read More »

YouTube | Spain: The touching rescue of a dehydrated dog in the Gran Canaria fire | VIDEO | World | Europe

Madrid. The Civil Guard of Spain rescued a dog that was dehydrated product of the catastrophic fire that affects the Atlantic island of Gran Canaria. The video quickly became viral through Youtube. According to El País, the authorities found the animal in the area of ​​Cruz de Tejeda. Immediately, we proceeded to treat the dog that could not even move ... Read More »