Edition of Nancy Ville | A fake controller between Metz and Nancy makes the buzz on YouTube

Edition of Nancy Ville | A fake controller between Metz and Nancy makes the buzz on YouTube

A young man is filmed in the cramped toilets of the TER between Metz and Nancy. He puts on a controller suit. White shirt, red tie, dark blue suit, leather bag, cap with the regulatory border … Everything is there. He pushes the direction of detail to pin on the lapel of his jacket a badge indicating his (fake) first name: "Victor". It is found flowing smoothly in the oars, greeting the travelers, checking the tickets and even verbalizing an offender. From the first images of this video of a dozen minutes, which showed Thursday nearly 200,000 views, BatFlunch, youtubeur Nancy flirting with the million subscribers, explains on the forecourt of the Metz station the trickery that is woven. As soon as it is posted on YouTube, the video meets its audience. SNCF did not appreciate the exercise and announced yesterday a complaint. "To pretend to be a salesman at Mac Do is one thing, but to take the place of a sworn agent, who practices in a very clear legal framework, and even draw up VPs, it is not the same register" responded Anne CorbĂ©, director of communication at SNCF regional management.

Extreme hoaxes

After the train trip, the video ends at the Nancy train station, where BatFlunch is hopping passersby, often young, accusing them of traveling without a ticket. This usurpation of professional identity has no vocation of demonstration or denunciation. The sole and exclusive goal is to increase the number of subscribers. To make themselves known on YouTube and explode the number of views and likes, teenagers, ready for anything, try pranks, pranks and hoaxes, sometimes dubious taste, unbridled provocation being the best recipes for strike the spirits. The phenomenon was born in the United States in 2012. BatFlunch specializes in these video hoaxes, some of which go bad. One of them even came close to the drama. The young Nancy accompanied by an accomplice, youtubeur too, has the idea, two years earlier, to land in a city, at the foot of buildings, with water guns. They sprinkle young people, who get carried away and are attacked. Shots, real ones, will even be fired. The whole thing is filmed. BatFlunch has made this violent episode and fully filmed a product appeal to strengthen the number of subscribers. Ready for anything for the buzz.


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