the woman who makes makeup videos and scares you

the woman who makes makeup videos and scares you

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The youtuber Jody Steel has grabbed the attention of Internet usersWell, unlike others vlogueras, this one carries out tutorials of makeup macabre where it represents characters considered as tender, for example, Peppa Pig, Forky, Pikachu And till sponge Bob.

The artist which uses as an expression the platform of Youtube has almost 90 thousand subscribers and more than 100 videos published.

In the beginning it began with videos where I only made up third parties. But nevertheless, lately its popularity has increased by the self makeup that applies and for the darkness what does he give his interpretation.

The last video that went up was the tutorial of Peppa Pig in which step by step color part of his face with pink and then frame it with black color to simulate a background.

About, most Internet users react to their videos with surprise and a little fear, well the characters cartoonists become macabre from one moment to another.

The dangerous Forky

Of innocence:

A rarity:

Terrifying Pikachu

Of extreme tenderness:

A dreadful character:

Spongebob of flesh and blood

To be nice and fun:

A strange talking sponge:


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