They despaired of TVs and clung to YouTube!

They despaired of TVs and clung to YouTube!

We've been criticizing YouTubers, bloggers … What about the celebrity's YouTube adventure? Obviously, models and actors that are not as popular now are channeling themselves to capture the new age and young people and grab a small share of YouTube's million-dollar cake.

Order has changed … In the past, ordinary young women imitated celebrities, and now we see that they imitated YouTubers, which are now unknown but now watched by millions. Do these efforts yield results? Which celebrity held on YouTube couldn't hold?

They despaired of TVs and clung to YouTube


Burcu Esmersoy: Burcu Esmersoy, who we are accustomed to seeing on screen, could not find what you were looking for on YouTube. About three months ago opened the channel Esmersoy makeup, fashion and sports themed videos. If you ask if there are creative videos on the channel, I would say ‘No.. Esmersoy, daily make-up, errors when dressing ’as we are now bored watching content shoots videos. Already the famous server in this time, but 84 thousand subscribers could reach. That's a pretty low figure for the YouTube world. The most watched video is Danla Bilic. This is the biggest indicator of who's talking on YouTube. Esmersoy's second most watched video is reflected in the magazine press "What should be in my bag at the first meeting?" Video. As you know, Esmersoy said, "You're with your boyfriend, you might not need your wallet." sentence had drawn a lot of reaction.

They despaired of TVs and clung to YouTube


Ayşe Tolga: Ayşe Tolga, who is known for her books on personal development and ‘good life’ themed programs, is one of the oldest of YouTube. Tolga, who opened the channel three years ago, disciplinedly produces content on YouTube. Taking videos of healthy eating advice, recipes, sports, make-up, astrology, expert guests and more, Tolga is indeed publishing a una be good, be nice, be fit, be healthy ott motto. Tolga, who shares articles on similar topics in his own website, does not seem to be satisfactory, but stands out with his different and high quality content. Meanwhile, Tolga’s sports videos are very motivating mot I recommend.

They despaired of TVs and clung to YouTube


Ahu Yagtu: After a few attempts at modeling and fashion, Ahu Yagtu's YouTube channel, which decided on fashion, is also on fashion. Yağtu, which owns a second-hand brand called Auvintage, has seen YouTube's future very early and shared its first video six years ago. Like Ayşe Tolga, Yağtu has determined a specific area and produces its contents in this context. According to the vintage fashion, there are many famous guests in the Yağtu channel which gives clothing tips. We can attribute the low rate of views of Yağtu to the fact that he is not so popular, and to the uniformity of his voice when he talks in videos.

They despaired of TVs and clung to YouTube


Çağla Şikel: If you ask me, Çağla Şikel is the new queen of the YouTube world. As one of the generations of children in the 90s, I can say this; Çağla Şikel has been famous for as long as I can remember. With his scandals, his loves, his series, his morning shows, he's always visible. Şikel, YouTube channel also proved that the new world can capture. Having opened a channel about a year ago, Şikel now has close to 800 thousand subscribers. In fact, I cannot say that Şikel produces content that is very different from other YouTubers. However, he is accustomed to the camera and looks like he caught YouTube's female audience with his warmth. Şikel also has videos on topics such as make-up tips, fashion and care, but his videos do not get bored. The explosion of the channel was also made by Şikel's video ‘alien dance ılan which spread rapidly on social media. The video has been viewed 12 million times.

They despaired of TVs and clung to YouTube


Bonus; Deniz Cengiz:

In fact, the situation of Deniz Cengiz may be the subject of another article. Because Deniz Cengiz was discovered by Gülse Birsel, a comedian who produced videos on YouTube and Instagram, and Jet Sosyete became the most popular character in the series ‘İlayda’.

Cengiz, who entered YouTube three years ago, makes incredible character determinations with sketches such as miş the girl who is a well-known class president in primary school ’, v the parent who finds the mistakes of the social studies book’ and ‘Atakan's mother’. If you haven't watched Deniz Cengiz on Instagram or YouTube, take a look and you won't regret it.

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