They sue YouTube for discrimination

They sue YouTube for discrimination

Again YouTube is in the eye of the hurricane, and it has been hit by a new demand created by its own content creators, the youtubers, and as mentioned by The Verge, several youtubers from the LGTBQ community have sued the company for discriminating against them, since they argue that the company demonetizes its videos and puts them as recommended for other users.

The lawsuit mentions that YouTube uses an illegal regulation of content, distribution and monetization practices that stigmatize, restrict, block, demonetize and financially harm LGBT Claimants and the LGTB community.

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The plaintiffs say that both the algorithm and youtube employees are especially hard on the contents of the LGTBQ community, especially when words are included in titles such as «Gay», «bisexual» or «transgender»and the youtuber Chase Ross He makes it clear with this test.

Among the youtubers that are demanding are people like Brett Somers, Lindsay Amer, Chris Knight, Celso Dulay, Cameron Stiehl, Chrissy Chambers and Chase Ross.

YouTube responds

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO He mentioned that the company does not automatically demonetize LGTBQ content, so the accusations against the platform are false.

Susan Wojcicki , CEO YouTube

Wojcicki said that there are currently two tools that are trained separately to avoid “injustices” on YouTube, one of them is responsible for recommending videos and the other analyzes whether a video is suitable for advertisers.

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He also made it clear that no algorithm demonetizes a video just for one word in a title, and although he is aware that many decisions are made by the algorithms, he mentioned that they work daily to avoid any kind of problem.

This is not the first demand that YouTube receives from the community LGTBQ, even for a while he was accused of allowing attacks against the community when ultra-right-wing Steven Crowder used a homophobic vocabulary in his videos against Vox journalist Carlos Maza.

At that time YouTube commented that although Crowder's comments used hurtful language, the videos posted did not violate his policies. And the only thing the company did was to revoke the advertising benefits to the channel, but it did not eliminate it, causing discontent of the LGTBQ community.

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