Viral: Video of dogs 'statues' causes awe on YouTube

Viral: Video of dogs 'statues' causes awe on YouTube

Sundsvall, Sweden.

A video viral is causing amazement and in turn bewilderment among netizens on the platform of Youtube and other social networks. The protagonists of the video are three dogs of race Australian Kelpie.

Are they dogs or statues? That is the first question asked by each Internet user who decides to play the video, in addition to admiring the ability of the dogs to remain motionless for several minutes, almost resembling a trio of statues or some work of art.

After watching the video for a couple of seconds, we learned that the three dogs are really alive. The photographer Evelyn Edlab He trained his three puppies to stay like statues.

"This behavior comes with a bit of training combined with his instinct of sheep dogs, this breed was raised to care for the flock, where they remain completely still controlling the sheep," explained the owner of the talented dogs.

The video that was recorded in the city of Sundsvall in Sweden went viral after being shared on the viral videos page "ViralHog".

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