YouTube closes the chain of the highly contested group Les Brigandes

YouTube closes the chain of the highly contested group Les Brigandes

La Salvetat-sur-Agout, France

The chain of Brigandes was closed by YouTube on February 11th. It is the Brigandes themselves who announce it following a new report for incitement to hatred on one of their videos. All 70 clips totaling more than 10 million views have disappeared. This group, considered to be sectarian, has settled in the summer of 2015 in La Salvetat sur Agout, in the hinterland. Since then, this strange community divides the inhabitants and makes itself known with its clips and its songs "on the right all".

"This censorship is only the visible face of the repression, which is falling on the group."

"As soon as we have a speech that comes out of the politically correct, we are censored"explains to France Bleu Hérault, Antoine Duvivier, spokesman Brigandes."As soon as we criticize, we get some hostility. There is no incitement to hate in our clips. Moreover, Justice shows it. We have no complaints to date against us. No interrogation of gendarmerie. There is nothing against us. We are clean "

The Brigands have accumulated on YouTube dozens clips against US imperialism, Jews, Islamists, and see Vladimir Putin "the savior of a Catholic Europe and white". In their clips, we can see seven women masked with wolves and dressed in kitsch costumes, who sing on a pop of committed words, to the right of the right. The Brigandes are rather plebiscite of the far-right circles.

On YouTube, there are rap lyrics, which have 10 million views, with "Nique la France", "Nique les Blancs", "I go out a gun to kill a cop" … And there, it does not bother anyone . Beside that, our songs are nursery rhymes for children. "

A YouTube channel is a good choice for communicating. More than a billion users use it every month. Web users are fond of videos, as are search engines, including Google (the parent company), which is still positioning videos very well on search results. But for months, the chain of Brigandes was pointed at by its opponents, in particular the League of Human Rights.

The group of Brigandes has therefore decided to go to sleep. They also announce that they want to take a step back and therefore closed his website and his blog on the internet. Only the Barka Production store is still accessible for CD orders.

"This standby may take a while depending on the situation, but our production is still available on the online store."

For the League of Human Rights, "It's a first victory"explains Jean-Pascal Michel, his representative in the Hautes-Cantons.

Victory shared also for Thierry Canals. This resident of La Salvetat-sur-Agoût has been fighting a fight against the group since his arrival almost four years ago. The latter also filed a complaint in January 2018 against this group for assault following threats, he said.

The prefect of Herault said he made a report in 2017 on the Brigandes to the prosecutor of the Republic of Montpellier under Article 40. Pierre Pouëssel was auditioned last week by the parliamentary inquiry against the small groups of far right in France. In fact, "it's a feminine group of" identity rock "that lives in isolation and is not distinguished by particular disorders", according to the prefect. And besides, "the mayor has quite calm relations with this group," he adds.

According to the League of Human Rights, gendarmes Herault, missioned by the prefecture, would come this Wednesday in the town of La Salvetat-sur-Agout to find anti-Semitic actsincluding swastika engravings and nightly intimidations of targeted people in their homes.

Removal of all our sites specify the Brigands - None
Deleting all our sites specify the Brigands

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