YouTube is testing bigger "thumbnails" and people already hate them

YouTube is testing bigger "thumbnails" and people already hate them

YouTube would be testing some "thumbnails" much larger as shown by screenshots that appeared on Reddit and Twitter.

The possible new design, as can be seen in the image above, shows various changes from the current configuration. Videos are no longer grouped into categories and few videos appear in each row because The miniatures are much larger. In my case I could not see the design by myself, which indicates that this is being tested on a limited number of users. A YouTube spokesman said the company "is testing a new layout of the homepage to improve the user experience of our users."

This, however, is not improving anyone's experience. Users are complaining because the size of the thumbnails makes it harder to navigate the site. In addition, they also speak of a general disorganization.

According to some users, YouTube would be replicating the design used for mobile phones, where the thumbnails were enlarged a while ago to make them more visible. What they didn't consider in YouTube’s offices is that A computer screen is not the same as a smartphone or tablet screen.

What do you think of the possible redesign of the YouTube homepage?

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