YouTube thumbnails are now bigger! – Hardware Plus

YouTube thumbnails are now bigger! – Hardware Plus

twitter and RedditAccording to some screenshots from yesterday morning, YouTube home pageof your videos little pictureThey're getting bigger. Judging from the comments of people on the sites where the allegations are shared, people do not seem to like this change very much.

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As you can see the example below, YouTube The design of the home page has changed. Videos are no longer grouped by category. People home pagealso see fewer videos in a row small pictures looks noticeably larger. While writing this article YouTube but we haven't seen any new design changes yet. Currently this change test and how many people can experience. One YouTube marka We are currently testing a new home layout to improve our users' viewing experience, marka the brand face said.

YouTube thumbnails are now larger

Some users who were able to experience this new layout during the test phase said that after thumbnails on the main page grew, they were no longer happy to scroll down and dislike the page. Some other users found this change confusing and irregular.

RedditSome popular in popüler YouTube content manufactureradvanced, this new design mobilefrom a line that inspired. YouTube, mobile in the version to keep the thumbnails more visible and the same status desktop version. However, according to a content manufacturer's declaration, desktop The version was cluttered when adapted. YouTubeThe goal of this design change is to have a more appealing look to the eye and to measure users' reactions before making this design available to everyone.

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