YouTube's New Feature to Deliver Content Producers

YouTube's New Feature to Deliver Content Producers

A news report on Reddit today says YouTube has launched a new program for channels that have unfairly made monetization disabled.

YouTube, one of the most popular social media platforms today, is developing a new system for content producers whose videos are banned from advertising. In order to make it easier for content producers to tell their side of the story, YouTube will allow at least some creators to challenge a video's advertising bans.

YouTube says that with this system, which is currently in the pilot phase, a review team created will check the videos of channels that lose their monetization feature. The news was first published via Reddit's shared email and quickly spread.

What will happen under the program?

YouTube New Program

YouTube creators who are banned from showing ads on their channels will be able to appeal with a "short video" to explain the channel's content and the process of creating the content. YouTube, which will form an arbitration committee, will review and re-evaluate short videos submitted with this team. In this way, content producers who are banned from showing ads on their channels will not have to wait 30 days and will be able to present their objections instantly.

Of course, this new pilot program was not designed to help everyone. For example, channels that contain hate speech or harmful content will not be able to regain the ability to make money. On the contrary, for other reasons that do not contradict the conditions of the platform, reviews will be made for channels whose advertising earnings have been removed.


YouTube's email to its partners is:

Uz We invite you to participate in a pilot program where you can appeal the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) suspension decision by providing more information about your channel and production process with a short video. Our teams will evaluate your videos and, if we can, we will reactivate the monetization feature within 7 days of receiving your appeal. Your channel is being evaluated in its current state. This means that you should not make any changes to your channel when submitting your appeal..


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This pilot program is currently being tested with only a very small group, and YouTube can spread the program to a wider audience after the results.

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