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YouTube viral: man catches fish with his hands, not imagining that hungry shark would take his prey | Video | Viral | YT | Animals | Mexico | USA | Social networks | Social networks

Deadly attack on YouTube. An afternoon of fruitful fishing for a man in the immense sea of ​​Florida in the United States it became the worst day of his life, after being attacked by a huge hammerhead shark which emerged from the depths to tear its newly captured prey. The video went viral on Mexico, Spain and Argentina. YouTube's viral ... Read More »

YouTube removed videos of robot fights over “animal cruelty”

The YouTube video platform has removed a series of videos from robot fighting under the argument of "Inflict suffering on animals or force them to fight". According to the video of the channel ‘Makers Muse’, this phenomenon is spreading throughout YouTube without any explanation, despite the fact that even content creators demonstrate that no animal or person suffers in creation. ... Read More »

The charming wedding of PewDiePie, the king of YouTube

The charming wedding of PewDiePie, the king of YouTube – LA NACION ADVERTISING GO TO THE SITE ADVERTISING GO TO THE SITE The Swede married Marzia Bisognin, with whom he is eight years ago Credit: Instagram One of the most popular and also controversial YouTube stars, PewDiePie, just got married in London. The ceremony was on Sunday, where the 29-year-old ... Read More »

YouTube: A shepherd revives a goat by mouth-to-mouth breathing and goes viral | Jamaica | Video | YT | Yutube | Photo 1 of 4 | Youtube

A shepherd has managed to bring back to life a goat that, apparently, was dead. The collars of the animals had been hooked, causing one of them to suffocate and be dragged by the others. The images are viral in Youtube. The Jamaican shepherd has become a hero in his country and on social networks around the world after he ... Read More »

TWICE will be the first K-pop girl band on YouTube Originals | K -POP

By: DIGITAL TELEVISIONAugust 20, 2019 – 16:59 The agency of TWICE, JYP ENTERTAINMENTannounced that the band will have its own content on Youtube Originals. The audiovisual product will be a docuserie in which Mine, Tzu–yu, Fury, Momo, Ji-hyo, Nayeon, Gives–hyun, Chaeyoung Y Jeongyeon they will be telling their experience on their most recent tour, TWICELIGHTS 2019; According to Touring Data, ... Read More »