YouTube Originals: The series goes free on September 24, 2019, no more premium subscription

YouTube Originals will change. The series and content will go free from September 24, 2019, announces Google. There will no longer need a premium subscription to enjoy. Some videos will be reserved for subscribers, but we do not know in what proportions. By launching YouTube Premium, Google had an idea behind the head to convince users to pay a subscription: ... Read More »

Champaign ILL and YouTube Originals

The YouTube Originals label, driven by the popular platform, is still betting on own serialized fiction productions, although it seems to be lowering the bar, canceling second seasons of some series with little draft while focusing on promoting the possibility of listening to music, without ads, and a list of films, thanks to the Premium subscription, whose flat rate is ... Read More »

Cobra Kai and the other productions of YouTube Originals can be watched for free from September 24

In May, YouTube already announced that it planned to offer its YouTube Originals programming for free. Last week YouTube confirmed that the freemium model will begin on September 24, 2019 and with it all YouTube Originals series, movies and live events can be viewed for free, although with ads for non-Premium users. Of course, Premium subscribers "will have immediate access ... Read More »