The 10 most viewed videos in 2018 on YouTube

"Amore e Capoeira" is the most watched video on YouTube in Italy in 2018. While Martina Attili's X Factor auditions dominate the non-musical ranking (Gif: Google blog) Love and capoeira is the most popular music video in Italy on YouTube in 2018. The video of the summer hit, sung by Giusy Ferreri, ranks first in the annual ranking with 124,123,974 ... Read More »

Spotify and YouTube are today a problem as big as piracy in Italy, according to FIMI

Until a few years ago it was not possible to download music for free, if we exclude pirated methods. Also in this case, the downloading of content illegally included operations that were not available to everyone. Today the situation has changed, and services like Spotify is YouTube allow you to listen to music and view audio-video content in a completely ... Read More »

The Youtube scourers: the Forbes ranking

April 28, 2019 – Not only between heiresses and noblemen of blood, now i Scrooge they also hide among the names more known of YouTube. The platform, born in February 2005 and inaugurated on April 23, boasts indeed characters with millionaire earnings and those that look like "simple entertainment videos" turn into real cases in many cases business tools. The ... Read More »

Mahmood's most watched YouTube video of the edition in July

Each month, the YouTube channel of theEurovision Song Contest publishes, via a video, the ranking of the most viewed performances or official clips of the event present within it. In July, the Eurovision exhibition of Mahmood in "Money", With which the Milanese artist reached the second place, was the most popular ever, surpassing even that of the winner Duncan Laurence, ... Read More »

YouTube viral: Men drag huge sea creature, extract embedded hook and the unexpected happens | Video | Viral | Animals | Shark | Mysterious creature | YT | Mx | USA | Trends

Touching outcome. A viral YouTube video recorded the terrifying moment that a group of bathers lived when they found a huge dying creature with a hook embedded in his jaw, a product of poaching that has been unleashed in the Pacific Ocean. The clip became a trend in Mexico, Spain and the United States. A quiet afternoon of fun for ... Read More »