Viral | YouTube | Chaos unleashes at auction when a rare Porsche reaches the record sum of US $ 70 million | Video | Picturesque | Curiosities

Seventy at one, seventy at two … Sold at seventy million dollars! A confusing incident caused a 1939 Porsche Type 64 to end up selling for much more than the $ 20 million estimated at a famous auction in the United States. The scene was recorded on video and became a trend in social networks like YouTube. It all happened ... Read More »

Viral YouTube: Spider catches huge wasp to devour her and her 'mate' saves her life | Video | Viral | Insects | Mexico | Mx | Social Networks | Trends

Stunning images A viral video YouTube has caused great impression on users, due to the bold reaction of a wasp who faced a huge Spider to save the life of his partner. The filming that has been shared on social networks has had greater interactions of users of Mexico and the United States. What happened? The viral video of a ... Read More »

YouTube modifies its copyright claims system

Youtube modified the policies of its copyright claims system to benefit content creators. The main modification is related to incidental music, since a large number of videos were pointed out for violating copyright in situations where content creators had no control, for example, music that plays on the street or during an event they attend. Seeing that many companies abused ... Read More »

Farewell cards: in 2019, the ferry is revisiting on YouTube and Instagram – Company

High school students, former high school students and teachers told us how they use social networks or YouTube to prepare the baccalaureate. The first baccalaureate exams will take place in less than a month. For most high schools, it's time for revisions. Some decided to leave aside handouts, highlighters and other Bristol © ® ™ cards. Today, we can also ... Read More »

Viral YouTube: ‘WhatsApp Black’ gets on the court in a Mexican soccer game and causes a sensation in networks | Video | Puebla vs. Pachuca | MX League | Cuauhtemoc Stadium | Viral

The game played last Friday by the squads of Puebla Y Pachuca (0-4) will be remembered not only for the great result at home that the 'tuzos' obtained, but for an incident starring a fan who, at a time of the encounter, invaded the playing field disguised as the' WhatsApp black '. The video causes a sensation among users of ... Read More »

Viral | YouTube | An old man is saved from dying after going astray in the desert thanks to a "guardian angel" on two wheels | United States | USA | Stories | YT | Yutube | Video | Youtube

Your walk through one of the most unforgiving deserts of U.S It allowed him to make a discovery that helped him save a life. This is the amazing history of how a cyclist found by chance of fate an old man lost, dehydrated and on the verge of unconsciousness along with one of his loyal dogs. Now, this person and ... Read More »