Google is expected to announce how much it recently earned from YouTube

Google is expected to announce its long-awaited YouTube financial results. The company, which has not shared YouTube's financial figures so far, may soon release these figures in the face of pressures from legislators and investors. Google's fourth-quarter earnings report today is expected to include YouTube's financial situation, while Wall Street analysts began to warn customers about it. Colin Sebastian, an ... Read More »

YouTube viral: man receives a gift puppy and his emotional reaction moves thousands | Video | YT | Social networks | Viral | Dog | German shepherd | Animals | Pets | United States | Trends

Through YouTube it has become viral a video which shows a touching scene in which a man He has an emotional reaction after being surprised by his daughter, who gave him a puppy that he had wanted throughout his life. The peculiar clip moved thousands of people and quickly became a trend in various social networks. The young woman decided ... Read More »

YouTube and morning radio contaminated by sexism

"'It's a joke, it's just for laughter': the excuse of laughter, often invoked, empties the sexism of its seriousness and banalise," notes the High Council for equality between women and men men (HCE). This is a first in France: a state body publishes a large-scale survey and takes stock of sexism in France. Among the fields of study, humor plays ... Read More »