YouTube under investigation in the USA, children not protected in video search

Children not protected in the search for videos and, therefore, too easily exposed to contents that are not suitable for them. On this basis a YouTube investigation is being initiated by the US Federal Trade Commission. This was reported by the Washington Post, which cites 4 anonymous sources. The complaints of consumer associations The investigation would start after the complaints ... Read More »

big party for Youtube stars

ROME – They are among the most loved Italian influencers. Inseparable friends, YouTube stars. Known to teenagers for the irreverent vlog and pranks, they climbed the charts with their first book, published by Mondadori, a biography destined to become a publishing case that immediately ranked fourth in the best-selling books in Italy among biographies. They are Valerio Mazzei and Edoardo ... Read More »

Youtube Music on Google Home and speaker with Assistant: how to listen for free

Youtube has announced that it is now possible to listen to free streaming music from Youtube Music on the family's smart speakers Google Home. YouTube Music thus begins to offer a free experience thanks to advertising support also on Google Home devices (or other speakers with Google Assistant), similar to how Spotify Free does. This announcement came at the same ... Read More »

YouTube makes free original content

As promised a few months ago, Google has announced a change regarding access to YouTube Originals content, series and exclusive movies from Google's video platform. So far reserved to premium subscribers YouTube Premium, they will be visible free of charge by all users from September 24th. YouTube Premium subscribers will still benefit from some benefits, such as access to ad-free ... Read More »

Viral | YouTube | A safari guide didn't notice where he was going and almost ended up in the middle of a pack of lions | South Africa | Animals | YT | Yutube | Video | Youtube

A safari guide in South Africa it almost becomes the food of a pack of lions not looking well where he walked. The whole scene was videotaped and soon turned viral in social networks like Youtube. In the material shared in Youtube Through the safariLIVE channel, the guide named Steve is observed on one of his usual tours of the ... Read More »

Marlon El Guapo Natural opens a YouTube Channel

Photos and videos The young Cuban has decided to venture into this platform to offer more material to his followers Posted on August 20, 2019 Marlon «El Guapo Natural» premieres on YouTube. (COLLAGE ASERE) The new character of the Cuban show Marlon “El Guapo Natural” has decided to venture into the YouTube video platform to offer his followers his material ... Read More »