YouTube viral: lady denounces bad treatment in health center, but her unexpected attitude baffles everyone | video | viral | yutub | Cucuta | Colombia | health services | bloopers | Trends

An interview conducted in Cúcuta, Colombia by a journalist she went viral on YouTube thanks to her protagonist, who did not miss the opportunity to be in front of cameras to claim the ill-treatment she received from a health center in her area. However, the curious moment occurred when the woman began to have a unusual attitude that aroused everyone's ... Read More »

Stadia, the new Google platform on YouTube with which you want to challenge traditional consoles

Image copyright Google Image caption Stadia control comes with a button to share on YouTube and another for the Google Assistant. It is called Stadia and promises video games in a quality far superior to what the consoles offer today … without having to buy one or download games. Stadia is the new digital gaming platform presented by the technology ... Read More »

Tesla will add YouTube and Netflix in all its cars, preparing for that future where we don't have to drive

Elon Musk's plan for Tesla is really ambitious. After surprising with Tesla Arcade and its intention to turn the car into a video game machine with wheels, it now promises that the Tesla will become another entertainment center, with support for two of today's most important video platforms. As Elon Musk explains in one of his already traditional announcement tweets, ... Read More »

Journalism on YouTube, but how? – Digital Age

YouTube is an important medium for journalists to make their voices heard. How does it work for journalists in this medium?, an online publication for journalists, YouTubeA report on journalism was published. In the file signed by Zeynep Yıncüler (yunculerzeynep), YouTubeWho choose to work independently or journalists It is an important medium for the said. Second place in our ... Read More »

YouTube disables comments in child videos

YouTubesaid in a statement last week that the pedophile on children's videos that leave inappropriate comments on the news, all these videos were decided to disable the comment section. It was stated that the company started the process last week and the process will take several months. Companies like Nestle, AT&T and Epic Games, children videoshad withdrawn his ads on ... Read More »