He shows his buttocks on YouTube … and is removed from the Algerian selection (video)

Midfielder Haris Belkebla has been dismissed "for disciplinary reasons" from the Algerian selection for the African Cup of Nations (CAN-2019), after showing his posterior on the internet, said Tuesday the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) ). While one of his teammates was playing an online game on a network, Belkebla appears on the screen and is decouraged, obviously to deconcentrate. "After ... Read More »

Youtube has a 'loop' feature!

Youtube, especially music enthusiasts would be quite happy to meet a lack. As we know, after watching a video on Youtube, we wait for a while and automatically switch to the other video. Though this feature was previously available, but when I switched to HTML5, they removed it. With the latest update, this problem is now fixed. All we need ... Read More »

Most viewed Ruffles ads on YouTube in July

Google's YouTube Ads Leaderboard announced that regularly every month, YouTube users visiting from Turkey's attention in the previous month, which aims to reveal the results of checks for that brand. The list is based on the popularity of brands' ads. The advertisements to be included in the list are determined by taking into consideration the criteria such as viewing, viewing, ... Read More »

100 million subscribers! Celebrity YouTuber PewDiePie Marries Marzia Bisogin

Felix Kjellberg, a well-known social media star known as PewDiePie, united his life in London with the Italian social media phenomenon Marzia Bisogin. 29-year-old PewDiePie and 26-year-old Marzia Bisogin, who has 100 million subscribers on YouTube, 22 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, have been together since 2011. Announcing the news on Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday, "We are married! ... Read More »

The best of YouTube: Eloise Wagner, the lawyer who is spinning right on the Web – Media / Net

Accompanied by comedian Reksider, the lawyer Eloise Wagner has made his channel, 911 Lawyer, the rendezvous of all video creators on the Internet. Attorney-at-law and video and media lawmaker Eloise Wagner provide judicious legal advice to all video creators on the Internet. Accompanied by comedian Reksider (co-author of the channel), she provides valuable support to the YouTube community, some of ... Read More »